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Post War Britain

If you are looking for a chronological history of the period that you can read, we suggest you visit our biographies of the Prime Ministers of the period and look at the sections of their terms in office. This links to the major events of the time. Sadly this form of overview does not always lend itself to discussion of more social and cultural factors which are often as, if not more, important than specific events. Therefore we’d also suggest reading any other article contained in this section as a complement to these. As history progresses there is a general tendency for the world to become more integrated, and thus a study of Post-War Britain would also be complete without looking at international events and changes during the period.


Precursors to the Post-War Era:

Labour in Power, 1945-1951:

The Conservative Decade: 1951-64:

Years of strife: 1964-79:

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